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Rendering October 17, 2010

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The Design Salad March 23, 2010

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Blog has now moved to The Design Salad. It’s new, its improved, its here, its now! (And I’m not just saying that because its my blog. Okay maybe a little.)


Coming Soon . . .to a post near you! January 12, 2010

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Hi all!

So as you can see its been a little while since I’ve posted anything. But I have something in the works. It will be worth it. You’ll see. Until then (which is soon I promise!) hang in there!



Steven Holl October 11, 2009

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Amazing architect. Exquisite. Beautiful. Highly functional architecture that pairs wonder and beauty like pairing a full bodied red wine with steak. His architecture tends to shift over time in focus, typology to phenomenological. He is most famous for Simmons Hall at MIT, the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Finland and the Bloch Building attached to the Nelson-Atkins Musuem of Art in Kansas City. He has written numerous books on architecture and tries to understand the effect light has on a space and its surroundings. He was involved with urban planning before and therefore has an understanding of the “big picture”. He creates experiences with his architecture, which, honestly speaking, shouldn’t that be what architecture does?



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Looking for some much needed inspiration? This is just the place: Just type something in the search bar and be prepared for the massive amounts of images, a little shifting, a little sorting and you might find what you’re looking for.


Funky Chairs September 29, 2009

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So this up, chairs. Lots of them, various oddities of chairs. Some I could actually see myself sitting in and some, well, seem more like just for kicks. If I was a designer I would design just because I could.

The Ivy Chair by Satoshi Itasaka ( I think its beautiful and elusive all at the same time, don’t know if you can sit in it though . . .I’d be scared.

Ivy Chair


The Growing Chair by Michel Bussien is, hmm, interestingly enough in the same vein as the above chair . . .funny. Its grown in an acrylic base and eventually removed and, voila, a tree chair!

Growing Chair

A Lounging System by Animi Causa

Intriguing idea, combining lots of balls and creating a system. Bonus: its weird and expensive! Only $1,600, as students I have that to spare don’t you?



Felt Chair by Lothar Windels

Okay, I would totally sit in this, it looks comfy and it makes me want to touch it! Grey and red felt folded back on each other.

Felt Chair


A Wall of Books = Awesomeness! September 23, 2009

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I stumbled across this today in attempting (between being hooked on Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 – shh!) to do research for a project. I, personally, am in love with the idea of a wall of books, endless, glorious, beautiful books. I would stock my bookcasewall (I made up the word – obviously- you have to say it really fast to get the full effect though) with design, architecture, home, furnishing, lighting, etc. etc. etc. books. (My husband’s books aren’t pretty enough to grace the presence of the beautiful bookcasewall, their just flimsy paperbacks.) So without further ado, feast your eyes on the bookcasewall. [I’m getting funnier in my posts huh? A little cheeky! ;)]